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Lessons in Seduction ~ available at The Wild Rose Press, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

She wants an education. He's the perfect man for the job.

When Megan Tyree’s fiancé compares her to a cold fish then dumps her, she sets out to learn the art of seduction. She’ll do whatever it takes, and her boss—the sex machine—is the perfect man to teach her.

Cale Lassiter has had a hard-on for his timid assistant since she came to work for him, but educating her in the ways of sex has disaster written all over it. Then she threatens to find someone else to instruct her, and he’s forced to agree, if only to keep her safe. She’ll chicken out before things go too far…won’t she?

Lone Wolf's Surrender - available at The Wild Rose Press, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

Thirteen years ago, Priscilla accepted Quinn’s marriage proposal and sealed the sacred promise with a kiss. Four hours later, she walked away without a backward glance. Now she’s desperate for his help and will do anything to get it. Even if it means giving him her body. After all, he still has her heart.

Lone Wolf Quinn Messala has no intention of attending the Monster Ball, but the invitation is hexed by magic and transports him to the center of the crowded Gold Ballroom…naked and surrounded by the familiar scent of the woman who once ripped out his heart. One look at Priss and his wolf wants to come out to play. This time, he’s not willing to surrender.

Her Cowboy Dom ~ available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Five years. Thats how long it’s been since Tate Hardy decided to stay away from Jessica Campbell before he did something stupid like explorer her submissive tendencies. Summoned to attend her brother's funeral, Tate learns he's inherited all his buddy's cattle...on one condition. That he stay on the ranch with Jessica for thirty days. Only Jess is a nice girl, and Tate doesn't do nice.

Jess needs the cattle for collateral to get a business loan to turn the ranch into a spa. She'll do whatever it takes to get rid of the handsome bull rider her she's always lusted after. Thinking too scare him off, she asks him to teach her about the Dominant/submissive lifestyle so she can find a Dom once he's gone. In a surprise move, he accept her challenge and Jess must remind herself he'll be gone in thirty day.

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